• begushkin King's Curse (CD, £5.50)

    label: Locust

    Recorded live to tape in two days, after a sleep deprived month of Beefheart style creative lockdown, Begushkin - Dan Smith's 8 headed hydra - lay to rest the twilight folk of 2007's Nightly Things and re-emerge with the wicked & strange hard rock gypsy shake of King's Curse. Smith yells and carries on like a man posessed with tales of the damnation of a robber king and the band plays it ultra tight & ultra heavy. King’s Curse is higher tier creep rock. Begushkin seem to have discovered the wonders of band interplay eons earlier in their development than their forebears, and the benefits of this are likely to increase as Begushkin moves from the brief, corporeal world of Nightly Things to more realized, distinctive realms. - Pitchfork, 7.3

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