• negativland Thigmotactic (CD, £10.25)

    label: Seeland Records

    Thigmotactic takes yet another path in Negativland's many twists and turns throughout the musical wilderness, this time deep into song making territory. Moving in a very different direction than many other Negativland releases, and with a decidedly surreal bent, this particular collection of 15 songs and two instrumentals was written, composed and performed by Negativland's Mark Hosler, with contributions from the rest of the group. While the trademark sound of found audio elements is collaged throughout, the cutting up here is also in the lyrics, created by combining dream journals, bits of advertisements, found poems, automatic writings, stream of consciousness, old National Geographic articles and more. These eccentric electronic folk-pop noise songs are strung together to form one cohesive listening experience, with themes emerging around meat, pants, milk, cows, trucks, Herb Alpert, Richard Nixon and even love. The found ethic continues with the artwork that accompanies each track, created from found materials to illustrate each song. Many of these have been shown as part of Negativland's travelling art show "Negativlandland".

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