• datblygu Can Y Mynach Modern (The Song of the Modern Monk) (7", £2.75)

    label: ankst

    Following on from THE PEEL SESSIONS collection released earlier in 2008 and press interest in magazines such as PLAN B this 7" single features a track recorded in April 2008 by David R. Edwards and Pat Morgan. The track was the first time the band had recorded in nearly fifteen years and is intended as a full stop to their legacy rather than a new start. The song recounts (over its brief ninety seconds) the turmoil and sadness that engulfed the singer as the band fell apart in the mid nineties and the long road to recovery that resulted from the fallout. It is a fragile and unsettling piece of music that has no real precedent in the Welsh music scene. The b side features BOMBSTAR, a track especially chosen by Datblygu mainman David R. Edwards performed by singer Charlie Sharp.

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