• julie's haircut & sonic boom N-Waves / U-Waves (CD, £2.50)

    label: A Silent Place

    In late September 2005 Sonic Boom, alias Pete Kember – founder member of Spacemen 3, Spectrum and Experimental Audio Research – meets Julie’s Haircut at Studio Alpha in Bologna to cooperate with them on the final editing of their album “After Dark, My Sweet". This was a new starting point for Julie’s Haircut in the field of music research… only a part of 3 days of studio recordings was released in that album. N-Waves / U-Waves contains, for the first time, two takes recorded at that session. Gemini, pt. 1 & pt. 2 is here in its first take. Scarfo Spanks DC is another completely unreleased improvisation. This CD version includes two additonal tracks, taken from "After Dark, My Sweet".

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