• health Health//Disco (CD, £11.50)

    label: Lovepump United

    By now you're likely familiar with the (barely) contained chaos of HEALTH. Relentless touring with the likes of Crystal Castles, Dan Deacon & White Williams have cemented their status as one of the most exciting & energetic bands on the scene! HEALTH / DISCO is an album of remixes of songs from HEALTH's debut. This is not your typical remix album. Every artist on the record was hand selected and commissioned by HEALTH with the hope of combining their sounds and musical ideas with those of electronic artists they admire, across the globe from Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, Argentina, Canada and the USA, several of them doing remixes for the first time. This is an album and should be listened to as one. 1. Triceratops (Acid Girls A)2. Lost Time (Pictureplane)3. Triceratops (Acid Girls B)4. Crimewave (Crystal Castles)5. Heaven (Narctrax)6. Problem Is (Thrust Lab)7. Triceratops (CFCF)8. Lost Time (C.L.A.W.S.)9. Tabloid Sores (Nosajthing)10. Heaven (Pink Skull)11. Perfect Skin (Curses!) + enhanced DISCO remixes from Toxic Avenger, Nastique, Lovely Chords, Captain Ahab and others.

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