• true primes / black vatican Split (LP, £3.15)

    label: Locust

    In this arranged marriage of sorts, Brooklyn's True Primes & Iowa's Black Vatican each turn in a side of kindred primal now wave on this untitled split lp. True Primes, our beloved Shaggs of noise pop, keep it in the red, turn on the damage and deliver a side of wiggy aggro vocal moans, broken beats & confounding electro grit. It's all so very dystopian & punk but we know Che & Rolyn will get over it. Not so with Black Vatican - Andy Roche & Owen Gardner - who make their Locust label debut here after a sweet cassette on Night-People. Over their six cuts, they take a few cues from classic Suicide & Pere Ubu sides, make utopia, mercy & perversion a playground for Roche's crooning vocalese, and ride the austere white light of metronomic beats, minimal electronic sunshine melodies & arrested guitar strangulations, triangulations & thwacks. A steal at nearly 60 minutes of music.

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