• macc lads Beer & Sex & Chips 'n' Gravy / Bitter, Fit Crack (double CD, £8.95)

    label: anagram

    The first two studio albums by The Macc Lads get a long overdue overhaul from Anagram and are available on a two CD set for the price of a single release.  11 bonus tracks have been added including two rare cassette singles and the ĎEh Upí 7Ē.  Booklet includes notes to each song plus original LP artwork.  Totally re-mastered by Tim Turan.  The Macc Lads had their own cartoon strip in the seminal Viz magazine and in the mid-late 80s were one of THE major attractions on the Punk / Alternative scene in the UK. Track Listing: BEER & SEX & CHIPS N GRAVY 1. THE LADS FROM MACC 2. BEER & SEX & CHIPS N GRAVY 3. BODDIES 4. SWEATTY BETTY 5. ENGLANDíS GLORY 6. BLACKPOOL 7. MISS MACCLESFIELD 8. GODíS GIFT TO WOMEN 9. GET WEAVINí 10. NOW HEíS A POOF 11. NAGASAKI SAUCE 12. SATURDAY NIGHT 13. BUENOS AIRIES 14. CHARLOTTE 15. FAILURE WITH GIRLS 16. DO YOU LOVE ME? 17. DANíS UNDERPANT 18. TWENTY PINTS 19. THE MACC LADS PARTY BONUS TRACKS ~ EH UP!... MACC LADS 20. EH UP!...MACC LADS (MONKEES) 21. MADE OF ALE 22. I LOVE MACC BITTER FIT CRACK 1. BARRELíS ROUND 2. GUESS ME WEIGHT 3. UNCLE NOBBY 4. MAID OF ALE 5. DANíS BIG LOG 6. GOT TO BE GORDONíS 7. BITTER, FIT CRACK 8. JULIE THE SCHOOLY 9. DOCTOR DOCTOR 10. TORREMOLINOS 11. AL OíPEESHA 12. FEED YOUR FACE BONUS TRACKS ~ FILTHY, FAT & FLATULANT CASSETTE EP 13. EH UP! LETíS SUP 14. FAT BASTARD 15. BAGGY ANN 16. HEAD KICKED IN 17. KNUTSFORD 18. BARRELíS ROUND JINGLECASSINGLE CASSETTE EP 19. JINGLE BELLS 20. BLOIK!

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