• lowline Monitors (7", £2.95)

    label: 1234

    ‘Monitors’ is a timeless indie anthem, the first yield from Lowline’s own youthful and uplifting brand of rock and roll. It combines addictive melodies, compulsive rhythms and an unforgettable chorus to create what some are already regarding as one of 2008’s most significant releases. Owen Morris (Oasis, New Order, The Verve) produces a remarkable, razor sharp record that brims with energy and promise. We see flashes of Manchester alongside notable references to Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine, but it is the band's ability to create a sound that is genuinely new that makes them so thoroughly exciting. They have honed their craft playing a rift of raucous live shows and impromptu warehouse parties across the UK and release this single amidst a rigorous touring schedule.

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