• epideme 000-0 / Threatenings (7", £2.95)

    label: Jonson Family

    Falling over each other, racing to the end, Huggy Bear/Fall/DC hardcore inspired cosmic slop from these three southcoast dwelling crits. Been going for years, yet only aged Young 0’Clock. Two songs of jerky get-on-with-it-rock. They’ve played with such acts as Q and not U, Deerhoof and other trendy US ‘acts’ like The Coachwhips along with Part Chimp, Blood Red Shoes (who have sorted the art for this slab), blahblahblah…NOT IMPORTANT. Put it this way: Mr. J Peel played them, this is their 2nd single having self financed a debut which along with the aforementioned JP, Huw Stephens also played. This 7” has a pressing of 300. Reviews will be here, there and everywhere. Radio play could happen, who knows? Who listens anymore? Feel the force. If you’ve read this far: YOU WIN.

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