• hello, blue roses The Portrait Is Finished and I Have Failed to Capture Your Beauty (LP, £7.95)

    label: Locust

    The sweetheart duo of Dan Bejar (Destroyer, Swan Lake, New Pornographers) & Sydney Vermont (visual artist, former Toronto Children’s Choir kid singer) have tied the knot around an infectious readymade classic with their 14 track debut. The Portait Is Finished folds the last few decades of pop music together, drawing on everything from an unabashed love of 80s AOR (Prefab Sprout & Kate Bush) to the cheery mysticism of young Scotland (Orange Juice & Felt) to prime Aquarian age femme folk of the 60s & 70s. The Portait Is Finished was written and recorded over a period when Dan & Sydney took time out of regular life to hang out together, write and read and think about life differently...and be in Spain. From Málaga, Spain’s balmy Mediterranean Winter - where the songs first started getting demoed - to the rainy Vancouver climes where the album was recorded at Bejar fave JC/DC studios, the 14 songs - all penned by Sydney (except Kevin Ayers’s “Hymn”) and arranged by Dan - maintain the unencumbered, free and easy spirit in which they first took root resulting in a sparsely populated, timeless pop sound.

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