• damn shames Fear of Assault (7", £2.00)

    label: abeano

    Damn Shames are Simon Richardson (vocals and guitar), Matthew Deary (vocals and guitar) and Jacob Burns (bass). Three impeccably degenerate and impossibly well read 19-year-olds from Edinburgh in the great tradition of Scotland's art-pop musical underground - Scars, Fire Engines and Orange Juice are all reference points. This is their debut Abeano release - think The Cribs if they were obsessed with The Prodigy and dripping with early Beastie Boys attitude. After only a handful of (chaotic) gigs and a 7" released by their friends at Golden Eagle, Damn Shames came to London for a couple of shows where they met Luke Smith (of the now defunct Clor and recent producer of Shitdisco, FrYars, etc) who offered to re-record their distorted and shambolic demos. 'Fear of Assault' is 3 minutes and 27 seconds of pent up frustration. Written about the boys' time in Glasgow, it's the sound of three teenagers wanting to party but only succeeding in getting their heads kicked in. In fellow a-side 'Last Things' they've mainlined the melancholy disco pop of the Associates via the abrasive cool of Josef K. "Their energy levels are beyond the control of Ritalin and their tunes are a perfect combination of the new (hints of Klaxons) and the old (imagine a more punky Suicide having a dance-off with Public Image Ltd.)" - Artrocker'

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