• fire engines Hungry Beat (CD, £7.50)

    label: Acute

    "...WITHOUT FIRE ENGINES , PRIMAL SCREAM WOULD NEVER HAVE EXISTED, AND NEITHER WOULD THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN." (BOBBY GILLESPIE) "THEY GAVE US INSPIRATION..CHALLENGING THE ACCEPTED NORM OF WHAT POP MUSIC WAS." (ALEX KAPRANOS). This is a totally essential early ’80s UK Post Punk record that has been out of print since the early ’90s. This reissue features a deluxe 16 page colour booklet with extensive liner notes from a friend of the band and their original label boss, Bob Last of Fast Product, plus original cover art and band photos. The band has been name-dropped endlessly; finally the original recordings are available! The Fire Engines formed, did absolutely everything in the most chaotic and unconventional manner possible, and broke up 18 months later. Considered one of the three main movers on the fertile Scottish post punk scene of the early 1980s with the much poppier Orange Juice and slightly more accessible Josef K, Fire Engines drew from similar influences but leaned towards darker and more abrasive sources: Velvet Underground, the Voidoids, Television, the artier end of UK punk and early post-punk like the Pop Group and the Fall, and perhaps most importantly, a copy of No New York, particularly the Contortions. The Fire Engines' music was angular but funky, discordant but melodic, terse and energetic. During their brief career they released 3 singles and a mini-LP, all of which are contained on Acute’s new compilation Hungry Beat. Franz Ferdinand list The Fire Engines as one of their biggest influences. Most of the original Fire Engines material came out on Fast Product/Pop Aural, labels run by Bob Last who also discovered Human League, Gang of Four and the Mekons. Tracklist: 1. Candyskin 2. Meat Whiplash 3. Get Up and Use Me 4. Everything’s Roses 5.Big Gold Dream 6. Plastic Gift 7. Sympathetic Anaesthetic 8. Discord 9. New Thing in Cartons 10. Hungry Beat 11. Lubricate Your Living Room 1 12. Lubricate Your Living Room 2 13. Get Up and Use Me (Version) 14. Sympathetic Anaesthetic (Version) 15. New Thing in Cartons (Version) 16. Plastic Gift (Reprise)

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