• rockford kabine Italian Music - 31 Invalid Movie Themes (CD, £10.95)

    label: Combination

    Under the pseudonymus ROCKFORD KABINE, Anthony Sharas and his combatant Marlon Marlon present 31 songs. Up to just 130 seconds long, intense soundwaves of their lo-fi-miniatures have barely arrived when they vanish into the hissing undergrowth. The 31 songs of their debut "Italian Music" are only just a short pleasure when they`re treated as stand-alone pieces of music, but together, like pearls on a string, they are a perfect bar-diving soundtrack for smoky nights in the red-light district. Minimalistic old school downbeat and breakdance beats provide the acoustic blueprint and that's why ROCKFORD KABINE sometimes describe their own sound as "acid smurf", without denying their chosen genre that's called snippet-pop

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