• nova local Nova 1 (180g vinyl LP, £6.95)

    label: radioactive

    An extremely underrated album which originally appeared on Decca in the US in 1967 and has recently become a minor collectable. The band were students at the University Of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, as well as making extra money by playing at frat parties on campus and a few cellar clubs in the local area. The band's break came when they opened for Chad And Jeremy at a campus charity concert and were signed by the William Morris Agency. A contract with Decca soon followed, and the band found themselves in the studio almost immediately, creating a little piece of rock history by having the first album to be recorded using the newly-developed Dolby NR system which, due to its size, had an entire room to itself! The sound engineer for the album was Fred Catero, Simon And Garfunkel's engineer. Nova 1 is classic late '60s light-psych album with excellent vocals and harmonies, lots of heavy organ and lots of fuzz guitar. There is a definite British influence at work here, and it is probably due to this that MCA issued the album in the UK in 1969 but by this time the band had already parted company although a small part of their legacy survived when the band, Life In General, which coincidently included original Nova member Bill Levasseur's son Jason, covered the track If You Only Had The Time on their 2000 album The Lovely, Lovely Singing which featured the proud father on drums!

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