• mercury rev Yerself Is Steam (coloured vinyl LP, £14.50)

    label: mint

    MERCURY REV’S LANDMARK 1991 DEBUT ALBUM. 750 COPIES IN ORANGE & YELLOW VINYL, IN FINAL ORIGINAL DISTRESSED SLEEVES. THE CRITIC’S CHOICE: ‘a glorious collision between pop & avant-garde’ - THE TIMES AN ‘UNCUT ALL TIME TOP 100 DEBUT’; REGULARLY PRAISED IN THE PRESS. Mercury Rev, led by Jonathon Donohue, stunned the world with their debut album ‘Yerself Is Steam’ on Mint Films/Jungle Records in ‘91. Famed for their quirky, haunting, and unique songs, they are beyond easy categories. They built on their reputation with 2 more albums ‘Boces’ and ‘See You On The Other Side’ on Beggars Banquet plus tours of UK, Europe and USA, then in 1998 ‘Deserter’s Songs’ on V2 achieved massive ‘Album Of The Year’ critical acclaim, followed by ‘All Is Dream’ and ‘The Secret Migration’. Regular features in publications such as NME, The Guardian, The Observer, Uncut, Mojo, etc, always refer to this landmark album. TRACKLIST: 1. Chasing A Bee; 2. Syringe Mouth; 3. Coney Island Cyclone; 4. Blue And Black; 5. Sweet Oddysee Of A Cancer Cell; 6. Frittering; 7. Continuous Trucks And Thunder; 8. Very Sleepy Rivers

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