• conflict The Ungovernable Force (CD, £9.50)

    label: mortarhate

    'The Ungovernable Force' - considered by all involved as Conflict's "coming of age" - remains unrivalled. Ahead of its time, this classic album mixes hard hitting simple rock with opera singers, choirs and orchestras. The best selling Conflict album ever, it contains the Animal Rights anthem 'This Is the A.L.F.' the lyrics of which are banned from reproduction, is now remastered properly from tapes and packaged in a deluxe sleeve containing full lyrics, an information book and photographs previously unavailable. TRACK LISTING 1. YOU CANNOT WIN 2. THE UNGOVERNABLE FARCE 3. A PISS IN THE OCEAN 4. C.R.A.S.S. 5. CUSTOM ROCK 6. 1986, THE BATTLE CONTINUES 7. MENTAL MANIA 8. THE UNGOVERNABLE FORCE 9. THEY SAID THAT... 10.FORCE OR SERVICE 11.THE ARREST 12.STATEMENT 13.THE DAY BEFORE 14.THIS IS THE A.L.F. 15.TO BE CONTINUED / BONUS TRACKS: 16.MIGHTY AND SUPERIOR 17.TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN 18.THIS IS THE A.L.F. (Alternate Mix) 19.THIS IS THE A.L.F. (Alternate Mix) 20.CUSTOM ROCK (Alternate Mix) 21.STATEMENT (Alternate Mix)

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