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  • l c d soundsystem Sound of Silver (180g vinyl double LP, £28.75)

    label: Rhino

    Hailing from Brooklyn, New York LCD Soundsystem are an American Electronic/Rock band formed in 2002 and fronted by James Murphy, co-founder of DFA Rec... more

  • l c d soundsystem The Long Goodbye - Live At Madison Square Garden (180g vinyl 5 LP set, £182.50)

    Their farewell show at Madison Square Garden in NYC, presented on five vinyl platters. Mixed by James Murphy himself and including a download.

  • l c d soundsystem This Is Happening (CD, £4.95)

    label: D.F.A.

    1. Dance Yrself Clean 2. Drunk Girls 3. One Touch 4. All I Want 5. I Can Change 6. You Wanted a Hit 7. Pow Pow 8. Somebody's Calling Me 9. Hom... more

  • l c d soundsystem This Is Happening (180g vinyl double LP, £21.50)

    label: Rhino

    The third studio album to come from LCD Soundsystem saw James Murphy remaking essential 70s art-rock in his own hyper-modern, self-aware image. This I... more

  • l d Traumatic Times (12", £4.75)

    label: Hyperdub

    By day, LD is a cutting engineer at Transition Studios, the country’s number one mastering room for dubstep and bass music. What he doesn’t know about... more

  • l d & ariano Hidden Jewel (12", £4.95)

  • l d & the new criticism Amoral Certitudes (CD, £11.25)

    label: Acuarela

    The latest offering from New York’s tuneful, eclectic LD & the New Criticism is a delightful morsel of pop yumminess - a musical amuse-bouche sure to ... more

  • l d & the new criticism Tragic Realism (CD, £12.25)

  • l d / subscape Licence to Thrill Part 6 (12", £6.25)

    Following the same vibes as Conquests ‘Forever’ (as featured on LTT Part 3), South London’s LD comes with this deep track that has found its way in to... more

  • l d z Living Long Ting (CD, £10.95)

    formerly known as LONDON ZOO

  • l d z / london zoo Living Long Ting Mixtape (CD, £10.95)

  • l e s stitches Down the Drain (7", £3.95)

  • l e s stitches V M Live Series (CD, £6.75)

  • l f o Advance (CD, £10.50)

    label: warp

    1 - Advance 2 - Shut Down 3 - Loch Ness 4 - Goodnight Vienna 5 - Tied Up 6 - Them 7 - Ultra Schall 8 - Shove Piggy Shove 9 - P... more

  • l f o Frequencies (CD, £10.50)

    label: warp

    Originally released in 1991, this not only plays a crucial part in Warp's history, but also represents a pivotal moment for the British rave movement.... more

  • l f o Frequencies (double LP, £25.50)

    label: warp

    LFO need no introduction, they’re one of the most influential dance acts to come out of the UK. Hailed as ‘The Yorkshire Kraftwerk’ by GQ, they ori... more

  • l f o Sheath (CD, £10.50)

    label: warp

    1 - Blown 2 - Mum Man 3 - Mokeylips 4 - Snot 5 - Moistly 6 - Unafraid To Linger 7 - Sleepy Chicken 8 - Freak 9 - Mummy I've Ha... more

  • l f p Big City / Dark Water (12", £3.95)

  • l h d Even Still (double CD, £11.95)

    Two-and-a-half hours covering the LHD vinyl discography recorded between 2002 and 2007 by the double flamethrower unit of PHIL BLANKENSHIP and JOHN WI... more

  • l h d Young and Restless (mini-CD, £6.25)

    label: blossoming noise

    long lost first album finally sees the blight of day. over sixteen minutes of la smog tones. this is phil blankenship (the cherry point) & john wiese... more

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