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  • x Adult Books (US Dangerhouse label 7", £50.00)

    feat. JOHN DOE

  • x Adult Books / We're Desperate (red vinyl 7", £7.25)

    Reissue of 1978 classic L.A. Punk single on Dangerhouse records

  • x Adult Books / We're Desperate (yellow vinyl 7", £14.95)

    label: Superior Viaduct

    RELEASED FOR RECORD STORE DAY 2015. Formed in 1977, X quickly established themselves as one of the best bands in LA's flourishing first wave punk scen... more

  • x Adult Books / We're Desperate (7", £5.95)

    label: munster

    A reissue of one of Dangerhouse's 7-inch releases from the period 1977-1979. This is a classic punk title, originally dating from 1978.

  • x Ain't Love Grand (CD, £6.25)

    Tracks: 1 - Burning House Of Love 2 - Love Shack 3 - My Soul Cries Your Name 4 - My Goodness 5 - Around My Heart 6 - What's Wrong Wi... more

  • x Live In Los Angeles (DVD, £21.50)

    Commemorates the 25th anniversary of their landmark debut "Los Angeles". Original lineup. Original songs incl. "Sugarlight" not on the CD. Incl. 21 so... more

  • x Los Angeles (180g vinyl LP, £19.25)

    label: Music On Vinyl

    Los Angeles is the debut album of the American Punk rock band X, released on April 26, 1980. It placed at number 16 for the year in The Village Voic... more

  • x Los Angeles (CD, £4.95)

    expanded & remastered

  • x Los Angeles (digipak CD, £8.25)

    Originally enclosed with the January 10, 2017 edition of the Italian newspaper 'La Repubblica'. The nineteenth of 19 CD reissues in the 'Punk' series.

  • x Original Album Series (5 CD set, £12.95)

    label: Rhino

    Ain't Love Grande!/Los Angeles/More Fun In The New World/ Under The Big Black Sun/Wild Gift

  • x The Masterpiece Collection (hand numbered 4 180g vinyl LP boxed set, £97.50)

    An epic X vinyl package! 'The Masterpiece Collection' is a limited edition featuring 'Los Angeles', 'Wild Gift', 'Under The Big Black Sun' and 'More F... more

  • x The New World Live (double CD, £12.95)

    X are renowned as one of Los Angeles’ most cerebral and potent punk bands. This incendiary set was recorded live for broadcast on WBCN-FM, and feature... more

  • x Under the Big Black Sun (Remastered & Expanded) (CD, £13.50)

    A lot of people consider 1982's 'Under The Big Black Sun' to be X's best album. And even those people who don't think its their best album still consi... more

  • x White Girl (US 7", £10.00)

    b/w Your Phone's Off the Hook (But You're Not)

  • x (australian) At Home With You (CD, £12.95)

    US import. Australian band! The second release from Morphius' archives label features one of Australia's finest garage punk rock trios. Formed in the ... more

  • x (australian) At Home With You (LP, £11.95)

    US import. Australian band! The second release from Morphius' archives label features one of Australia's finest garage punk rock trios. Formed in the ... more

  • x (australian) I Love Rock 'n' Roll (CD, £11.50)

    First studio recordings by Sydney punk legends X in almost a decade. STEVE LUCAS and IAN RILEN are back, celebrating 25 years together with another do... more

  • x (australian) X-Aspirations (LP, £16.50)

    The Sydney band's 1979 debut is one of the all-time great Australian records, a devastatingly tough yet diverse album featuring 14 tracks of superb pu... more

  • x (australian) X-Spurts: the 1977 Recordings (LP, £16.50)

    Before their legendary debut LP, X recorded a 1977 demo session that is a brilliant snapshot of the period, and a treasure for anyone with an interest... more

  • x (feat. john doe) 4th of July (US 7" promo, £5.00)

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