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  • j b React (12", £5.50)

  • j b & spice / total science / nightwalker / twisted individual & a p b Hung, Drawn & Slaughtered Part 3 (double 12", £1.65)

    label: Grid Recordings U.K.

  • j b conspiracy This Machine (CD, £9.95)

    The JB Conspiracy’s trad-ska meets punk rock sound shows that, in a music genre dominated by US bands, the UK can do it just as well and perhaps bette... more

  • j b m Not Even In July (CD, £14.75)

  • j b p Aphrotalk (12", £4.75)

  • j b's Doin' It to Death (LP, £9.95)

  • j b's Doin' It to Death (purple vinyl LP , £12.95)

  • j b's Doing It to Death (purple vinyl LP, £15.95)

    For starters, this platter begins with one of the great intros of all time: “Ladies and gentlemen, there are seven acknowledged wonders of the world. ... more

  • j b's Doing It to Death (digipak CD, £9.95)

    This Elemental Music reissue presents the acclaimed early 1973 LP Doing It to Death by The J.B.’s. The legendary supporting cast of musicians behin... more

  • j b's Food for Thought (180g vinyl LP, £15.50)

    US pressing. People, 1972. Exact repro of this classic album.

  • j b's Food for Thought (purple vinyl LP , £15.50)

    US release. 1972. Exact repro of this classic album.

  • j b's Food for Thought (150g vinyl LP + purple vinyl 7", £27.95)

    RSD LP is repressed. Features A Bonus 7”! Packaged In A Custom Bag With The People’s Records Logo, With A 22” X 22” Poster! There are funk bands. And... more

  • j b's Food for Thought (150g vinyl LP, £23.50)

    The renowned Get On Down label pays reverent tribute to this classic by pressing it on 150 gram vinyl, in a 70s style Stoughton jacket. There are funk... more

  • j b's Groove Machine (LP, £9.95)

  • j b's Hustle With Speed (LP, £18.95)

    Get On Down proudly presents another top-notch vinyl reissue, from their long-running series of collaborations with James Brown's famed 70s funk label... more

  • j b's Pass the Peas (LP, £9.95)

  • j b's The Grunt (12", £4.50)

  • j b's These Are the JB's (Unreleased Session) (LP, £26.95)

    The unreleased album by James Brown’s backing band: the Bootsy Collins-led JB’s. Never-before-heard James Brown and J.B.’s originals and covers of Jim... more

  • j c brooks & the uptown sound Baltimore Is the New Brooklyn (7", £5.75)

    label: vampisoul

    limited to 500 copies

  • j c brooks & the uptown sound Beat of Our Own Drum (CD, £5.75)

    label: vampisoul

    "Beat Of Our Own Drum" is the long-awaited debut album by Chicago's JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound. Described by The New York Times as "neo-soul glory"... more

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