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  • oppenheimer mk ii Another Nightmare / The Presence of the Abnormal (7", £5.25)

    Oppenheimer Mk II is Andy Oppenheimer and Mahk Rumbae. Andy Oppenheimer is a singer, songwriter and formerly one-half of 1980s synth-pop duo Oppenheim... more

  • clouds Heavy the Eclipse (3 LP set, £23.95)

    Ravaged and warped breakbeats haunted by wailing euphoric noise, vivid and graphic reflections of fractured post-industrial hardcore, moments of poetr... more

  • atlas Primitive (CD, £10.95)

    ATLAS is a 5 piece modern metalcore band from Nokia, Finland labelling themselves as "Northcore".  The band's sound is a mix of heavy hitting... more

  • mmph Serenade (LP, £14.25)

    Above 24-year-old Sae Heum Han’s desk hangs a blue and white crochet crucifix given to him by his grandmother. This object doubles as the artwork fo... more

  • perturbator B-Sides and Remixes Vol. I (180g vinyl double LP, £25.50)

    Collection of rare PERTURBATOR remixes done during his ultra-popular early synthwave era.  Brilliant remixes and re-imaginings of other great... more

  • spectral empire Iron Muscle (180g vinyl 12", £14.75)

    3 original tracks by Spectral Empire (Black Merlin & Kyle Martin (half of Vactrol Park)) and a remix by Die Wilde Jagd. Spectral Empire are George Th... more

  • l c d soundsystem I Used to (DIXON retouch) / PULSE (V. 1) (12", £12.95)

    label: D.F.A.

    Berlin DJ Dixon (named Resident Advisor’s #1 DJ four years in a row) takes on the broodiness of ‘i used to’ and opens it up into a club space, a log... more

  • underground set War In the Night Before (orange vinyl LP, £24.50)

    On vinyl, here's a reissue of the second album by Italian project UNDERGROUND SET, which basically was the band Nuova Idea recording under a different... more

  • esben and the witch Nowhere (digipak CD, £13.50)

    Fifth studio album for the tenth anniversary of the Goth-Punk band.  Mastered by James Plotkin (ISIS, SUNN O))), PELICAN, EARTH, OLD, KHANATE... more

  • mariel ito 2000-2005 (double LP, £20.95)

    R&S proudly presents a retrospective round up of Mariel Ito AKA Eric Estornel's futuristic yet heartfelt electro. An early alias of the Cuban Miami b... more


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  • smokescreens Used to Yesterday (CD, £11.50)

  • petrol girls The Future Is Dark (etched 3-track 12", £9.95)

  • even as we speak Feral Pop Frenzy (CD, £11.50)

  • laura gibson Goners (LP, £16.75)

  • emma ruth rundle On Dark Horses (purple vinyl LP, £22.25)

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