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  • machine Faceshift (CD, £10.95)

    The Machine is back! Heavier than ever before, their sixth full length album Faceshift sees them further carving out their own sonic identity. The suc... more

  • epic soundtracks Good Things (LP + 7", £28.50)

    Epic Soundtracks' final album, originally released on CD only in 2005, gets reissued on vinyl. This edition comes with a facsimile reproduction of Epi... more

  • overkill Live In Overhausen (Blu-ray, £18.25)

    label: Nuclear Blast

    Armed with pioneering pure metal proposals like “Death Rider”, “The Beast Within” and “Raise The Dead” already in 1982, New Jersey’s Overkill were a r... more

  • scaners The Scaners (CD, £10.75)

    label: Dirty Water Club

    France’s THE SCANERS take off with their eponymous debut LP  which takes the listener through a darker, slower wave that Louder Than War Magazine desc... more

  • pushy Hard Wish (LP, £18.95)

    "Have you ever watched the 1977 video of Ram Jam playing 'Black Betty' in somebody's front yard and asked yourself, "Why don't we have bands who party... more

  • richard youngs Arrow (CD, £8.50)

    Recorded especially for Preserved Sound in Hebden Bridge, Arrow is sound of Richard Youngs alone at the piano, embellished with sparse drums and an o... more

  • pram Across the Meridian (LP, £21.95)

    label: domino

    Domino mark the return of Pram. ‘Across The Meridian’ is a celebration of Pram’s unique vision, focused into a beautifully constructed and tautly p... more

  • hanzel und gretyl Satanik Germanik (CD, £18.50)

    Satanik Germanik is Hanzel und Gretyl's darkest, most metal release to date. More evil, menacing than ever! Hanzel Und Gretyl has been an ever evolv... more

  • boy division Bringing Home the Bacon (7", £6.75)

    label: glitterhouse

    The Boys are back in town! We're more than happy to release this 5-track 7" by the notorious noise rockers from Hamburg. Boy Division are going acous... more

  • black elephant Cosmic Blues (LP, £22.75)

    label: Small Stone

    Second full length from Italian acid rock outfit Black Elephant. The sound on 'Cosmic Blues' ranges from psychedelic rock to blues, to southern sludge... more


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  • dylan carlson Conquistador (LP, £18.95)

  • wussy What Heaven Is Like (CD, £11.50)

  • fall Levitate (double CD, £10.95)

  • luke haines I Sometimes Dream of Glue (LP, £17.25)

  • laura veirs The Lookout (CD, £10.50)

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