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  • uncle acid & the deadbeats Wasteland (CD, £10.95)

    label: rise above

    You can probably feel it already. Amid the shimmering haze of dusk. In the marrow of your bones. The darkness is getting darker. Malevolent forces are... more

  • carw Skin Shed (LP, £16.95)

    Enduring myths, romantic literature, lost French sailors and endless tea powers the gently glistening electro pop of Wales’ most elusive singer-songwr... more

  • slowtrip Blur (12", £22.95)

    Slowtrip comprises Tank (on bass) from Rotting Out, Martin (drums) from No Bragging Rights, John Alaimo (guitar/vocals) from The Greenery, and Dan M... more

  • kath bloom & loren connors Restless Faithful Desperate (LP, £18.95)

    label: Chapter Music

    “Kath Bloom…can snap a heart like a twig” Pitchfork // “Its beauty is almost baffling” AV Club // First ever vinyl reissue for landmark 1984 private... more

  • acacia strain Continent (2nd splatter vinyl LP, £18.75)

    label: prosthetic

    Blue With Orange Splatter. Continent is the fourth studio album by American hardcore powerhouse The Acacia Strain. This is the first album with bassis... more

  • donny mccaslin Blow. (CD, £12.50)

    Days before his January 2016 death, David Bowie released his final album, ‘Blackstar’. While the record represented an endpoint for the legendary ar... more

  • groundhogs Blues Obituary (CD, £11.50)

    label: fire

    50th Anniversary edition with liner notes from Mojo’s Dave Henderson. The second studio album from The Groundhogs, now slimmed to the classic three pi... more

  • phoenician drive Phoenician Drive (LP, £17.95)

    Recorded in the Studio Koko by the insatiable John Roo (La Jungle, It It Anita), this record indulges in the psychedelic pleasures (Amon Düül II, Os M... more

  • natterers Head In Threatening Attitude (LP, £13.50)

    label: boss tuneage

    The long awaited debut album by NATTERERS!  Mastered by Geza X (DEAD KENNEDYS, GERMS, WEIRDOS, MDC and BLACK FLAG Producer)  Widely ... more

  • subnormal girls vol. 3  (LP, £20.75)

    The third volume of this killer comp series of female punk/post-punk songs dating from the period 1979-1984. SIDE 1: 1. Bound & Gagged - Clutter (US, ... more


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  • the cool greenhouse London / The End of the World (7", £7.95)

  • basement revolver Heavy Eyes (CD, £10.50)

  • phosphorescent C'est la Vie (LP, £18.95)

  • swans Die Tür Ist Zu (double LP, £22.75)

  • a kaleidoscope of sounds  (7 7" boxed set, £63.95)

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