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  • guns n' roses Live In Paradise City (DVD, £11.95)

    Guns N’ Roses, one of America’s premier hard rock bands, formed in Hollywood in 1985. • They have six studio albums, three EPs, and one live album un... more

  • specials The Singles (digipak CD, £7.95)

    The Singles is a compilation album, originally released in January 1991, bringing together key tracks from across the careers of both The Specials and... more

  • canshaker pi Boomslang for Ed (LP, £24.75)

    The young bunch of Canshaker Pi squeezes out songs faster than you can squeeze out the pimples on your cheek. Only half a year after the debut LP on E... more

  • alexis korner's blues incorporated R&B from the Marquee (LP, £16.95)

    'R&B From The Marquee', originally from 1962, rates as one of the pillars of British blues. It's an album that heavily influenced the - then - coming ... more

  • glen hansard Between Two Shores (180g vinyl LP, £15.95)

    label: epitaph

    Glen Hansard has built a career, now over 2 decades strong, on struggle. His impassioned songs mostly veer between the exhausting struggle to make it ... more

  • dave kusworth The Bounty Hunters (purple vinyl LP, £18.95)

    The first solo album by Dave Kusworth originally issued as a one-off pressing in 1987 • Tapes of this album were thought to be lost until discovered i... more

  • have you ever seen the jane fonda aerobic vhs? Jazzbelle 1984 / 1988 (CD, £11.50)

    The second album from Finnish indie/garage rock band, featuring the singles ‘Sheep’ and ‘Magic Swimming Pants’. Tracks: Magic Swimming Pants / Eggs... more

  • butterfly child Onomatopoeia (double LP, £20.75)

    label: Dell'orso Records

    Butterfly Child's critically acclaimed ‘Onomatopoeia’ gets the re-release/ remastered treatment. In the early summer of 1993, Rough Trade released On... more

  • chastity Chains EP (5-track 12", £16.50)

    label: Captured Tracks

    Channelling the feeling of youth on the fringe, Chastity focuses on the earnest connections found amongst the pent up suburban blue-collar. Living in ... more

  • belus Apophenia (CD, £13.50)

    In 2010, guitarist Matt Mewton (also of Brooklyn-based black metal legion WOE) joined forces with bassist Lesley Wolf (of Brooklyn-based blackened slu... more


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  • blanck mass World Eater (marbled vinyl LP, £17.95)

  • alex cameron Jumping the Shark (LP, £15.75)

  • amadou & mariam Welcome to Mali (double LP + CD, £16.25)

  • ty segall Ty Segall (MC, £9.25)

  • bill callahan Apocalypse: a Bill Callahan Tour Film By Hanley Banks (LP + DVD, £36.75)

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