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  • charles ditto Basso Continuo: Cyberdelic Ambient and Nootropic Soundscapes (1987-1994) (LP, £18.95)

    Second release on Passat Continu comes from the depths of Texas. “Basso Continuo” spans works from the privately pressed albums “In Human Terms” (1987... more

  • wilson mckinley Spirit of Elijah (LP, £19.95)

    label: Lion Productions

    First vinyl reissue of this rare and highly-rated Xian West Coast guitar album from 1971, often compared to Rainbow Promise and Moby Grape. Simply, on... more

  • golem Orion Awakes (digipak CD, £9.95)

    Epic early to mid-1970's instrumental psychedelic space-rock from the Pyramid Records archive, said to be pseudonymous after-hours studio sessions fea... more

  • rework Heat Album Sampler (4-track 12", £12.25)

    My Favorite Robot Records release another of their excellent and immersive full lengths, this time from German production outfit, Rework. The trio o... more

  • pageninetynine Document 7 (coloured vinyl LP, £18.95)

    Document 7 is a unique piece in the PAGENINETYNINE catalogue.  Originally issued on Magic Bullet Records in 2002.  This version of t... more

  • voivod The Wake (double CD, £11.75)

    The only predictable thing about Voivod is their unpredictability. Voivod have pushed their sound relentlessly forward, constructing imaginative realm... more

  • shaolin soul episode 4  (12", £8.95)

    To celebrate the anticipated release of the 4th episode of the iconic soul compilation “Shaolin Soul”, Uncle O has unearthed two new special soul trea... more

  • pretty things Singapore Silk Torpedo - Live At the BBC & Other Broadcasts (double CD + DVD boxed set, £25.95)

    PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED ON DOUBLE CD + DVD! • BBC & German TV recordings their 1974/76 releases on the Led Zeppelin owned Swan Song label. • 3 disc b... more

  • sichten 1  (double LP, £22.95)

    »Sichten« refers both to »opinions« as well as the »examination of material«. in lose sequence, we will invite friends and colleagues, but especially ... more

  • mike Renaissance Man (180g vinyl LP, £12.25)

    label: Lex

    Features production and instrumentation from the amazing NY alt-jazz outfit Standing On The Corner. MIKE’s music carries age beyond his years. Born in... more


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  • spiritualized And Nothing Hurt (orange vinyl double LP boxed set, £34.95)

  • ash johnson The Mad Ship (CD, £11.50)

  • river whyless Kindness, a Rebel (LP, £16.50)

  • john foxx Metamatic (Deluxe) (3 CD set, £15.50)

  • river whyless Kindness, a Rebel (CD, £10.75)

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