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  • descendents Fartathon (LP, £17.75)

    LIVE IN ST. LOUIS, MO, MARCH 24TH 1987 US TV BROADCAST. Playing a particularly lively set in St. Louis on the night of March 24th, while touring in su... more

  • mod meeting vol. 2  (LP, £8.50)

    Edition of 500 copies. The follow-up to the Richard Kent Style/St. Louis Union split LP on the same label. On offer are 16 exciting, rare British mod-... more

  • scorched Excavated for Evisceration (LP, £22.25)

    label: 20 Buck Spin

    For the past few years Delaware’s Scorched have steadily built a reputation for classic savage Northeast style Death Metal. Skullcaving heaviness, vi... more

  • jesse Fluids (pic disc LP, £18.95)

    Finnish band Jesse makes unsentimental and innovative music. What you hear on “Fluids”, released on Höga Nord Rekords, is the sounds of four creative ... more

  • the other side of italy  (4 LP + CD boxed set, £49.50)

    THE BEGINNING OF THE POST-PUNK AND ART-ROCK ERA. RSD 2018 release. This set contains four LPs plus a CD, offering a generous selection of post-punk, s... more

  • electronic jugoton-synthetic music from yugoslavia  (double CD, £17.50)

    Featured on this set are electronic artists from '70s and '80s Yugoslavia, including acts s.a. Amila, Beograd, Dubravka, Dorian Gray, Data, Andrej Bas... more

  • walter wolfman washington My Future Is My Past (CD, £10.95)

    label: Anti-

    Walter Wolfman Washington is a soulful musician of rare talent, as well as a deep thinker and hip philosopher, and his hometown is New Orleans. Walter... more

  • fango Urano 1/3 (12", £13.25)

    A solid dome of brass and stars stretched as far as earth's edges, home to the Greek god of sky Ouranos and backdrop for his mystical battle against G... more

  • whores. Ruiner. (mini-LP, £17.50)

    Since their inception in 2010, Whores. has laid waste to both presumption and audial functioning. Natives of Atlanta, Georgia, members Christian Lemba... more

  • wall Personal Troubles & Public Issues (blue vinyl LP, £15.95)

    DELUXE VINYL EDITION! RSD 2018 release. Limited to 500 copies. Formed in early 1978, the initial line-up of punk stalwarts THE WALL was Ian Lowery (v... more


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  • fall Levitate (3 LP set, £28.75)

  • paradise lost Host (140g vinyl double LP, £21.50)

  • users Now That It's Over (pink vinyl 7", £10.95)

  • fever ray Plunge (CD, £10.50)

  • haley heynderickx I Need to Start a Garden (CD, £10.75)

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