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  • fake love Fake Love Vol. 2 (12", £11.95)

    Tracklisting 1 - 1 Untitled 1 00:06:48 1 - 2 Untitled 2 00:05:49 1 - 3 Untitled 3 00:06:41

  • tunabunny PCP Presents Alice In Wonderland Jr (double LP, £23.95)

    A 75-minute masterpiece, the fifth album from Athens, Georgia’s Tunabunny is the most creatively ambitious in the band’s history. Featuring singles li... more

  • shacks Haze (LP, £22.25)

    Fronted by 19-year-old singer/bassist Shannon Wise and 21-year-old guitarist/producer Max Shrager, The Shacks are already well on their way to becomin... more

  • rafiq bhatia Breaking English (CD, £10.95)

    label: Anti-

    Breaking English, the Anti- debut of New York guitarist and producer Rafiq Bhatia, shatters preconceptions about how much can be said without a word—a... more

  • coke dares Fake Lake (coloured vinyl LP, £17.50)

    Formed during Bloomington, IN’s early-oughts heyday, in recent years, The Coke Dares have morphed into a long distance project for guitarist Jason Gro... more

  • hummingbirds Hummingbirds (LP, £20.95)

    Some people make a mark, they make an impression, they leave a lasting legacy from which others gain joy and inspiration. Simon Holmes was one of thos... more

  • messa Feast for Water (CD, £12.75)

    Messa play evoking doom metal with a dark jazz twist. Deliciously haunting female vocals, rhodes piano and 70’s fuzz guitars combine to conjure a soun... more

  • gregory isaacs Willow Tree (CD, £9.50)

    Gregory Isaacs, known as the King of Lovers Rock, Mr. Cool Ruler and the Lonely Lover, was a superstar of Reggae. Songs include Everything Is Alrigh... more

  • scott matthew Ode to Others (LP + CD, £18.95)

    label: glitterhouse

    The Australian songwriter from New York and his sixth studio album. With this album there is a departure from the subject of romantic love and the di... more

  • girl ray The Way We Came Back / I Know It's Kind of Hard (demo version) (7", £5.25)

    label: moshi moshi

    The A-side is notable for being written by Poppy Hankin when she was just sixteen years old, yet had never been recorded until after the release of th... more


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  • nomads Showdown (1981-1993) (3 LP set, £63.50)

  • cavern of anti-matter Hormone Lemonade (double LP, £19.75)

  • haley heynderickx I Need to Start a Garden (LP, £14.95)

  • 6 string drag High Hat (LP, £24.75)

  • anti-cimex Victims of a Bomb Raid - the Discography (3 CD set, £13.50)

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