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  • wynder k. frog Out of the Frying Pan (LP, £24.50)

    label: Wah Wah

    Reissued on vinyl, with remastered sound, bonus tracks and an insert with liner notes and photos, this is the 1968 album from British act Wynder K. Fr... more

  • tsembla The Hole In the Landscape (coloured vinyl LP, £18.95)

    NNA is thrilled to present the latest full-length album by Tsembla. Based in Turku, Finland, Tsembla is the solo alias of musician Marja Ahti, a frequ... more

  • rabit + riko dan Black Dragons (10", £7.25)

    For the final release on Glacial Sound, the previously digital only Riko Dan vocal of the Rabit-produced Black Dragons receives the vinyl treatment on... more

  • khôrada Salt (double CD, £39.95)

    Rising from the ashes of Agalloch and Giant Squid, a new group is born: Khôrada. Featuring former Agalloch members Don Anderson (guitar), Jason Walto... more

  • loco dice Love Letters (3 LP set, £28.75)

    Loco Dice has unveiled his darkly eclectic album, a 15-track embodiment of his diverse production range. Featuring the single ‘We’re Alive’, the most ... more

  • liquid Still EP (12", £8.75)

    It is with a huge amount of pride and happiness that I get to welcome legendary producer and all round good egg Liquid to the label. If Liquid needs a... more

  • klaus schulze La Vie Electronique Volume 1.2 (double LP, £31.95)

    Now available for the first time on vinyl, One Way Static Records presents the THIRD volume in our new archival series ‘La Vie Electronique’. This vol... more

  • sdh (semiotics department of heteronyms) Semiotics Department Of Heteronyms (LP, £17.50)

    Semiotics Department Of Heteronyms is limited to 250. SDH (Semiotics Department of Heteronyms) is the new project of two key figures of the synth-wave... more

  • deodato Whirlwinds / Artistry (CD, £6.25)

    label: Beat Goes On

    Track Listing 1Moonlight Serenade 2Ave Maria 3Do It Again 4West 42nd Street 5Havana Strut 6Whirlwinds 7Intro 8Rio Sangre 9St Louis Blues 1... more

  • laura cannell & andré bosman Reckonings (CD, £10.50)

    Reckonings is the debut album from experimental violinists Laura Cannell & André Bosman. 12th century melodies mingle with the drone of long sleeping ... more


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  • ty segall & white fence Joy (CD, £10.50)

  • whenyoung Pretty Pure / The Collector (yellow vinyl 7", £5.25)

  • swans Soundtracks for the Blind (4 LP set, £57.50)

  • ty segall & white fence Joy (MC, £9.25)

  • wussy What Heaven Is Like (LP, £21.50)

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