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  • black belt eagle scout Mother of My Children (CD, £10.95)

    label: saddle creek

    “Having this identity—radical indigenous queer feminist—keeps me going. My music and my identity come from the same foundation of being a Native woman... more

  • sunny & deck hussy Triple Distilled EP (12", £7.95)

    A debut EP from a formidable talent, Sunny & Deck Hussy bring the authentic Old Skool hardcore sound back and do it right. All 4 tracks on this EP sho... more

  • conan Existential Void Guardian (double LP, £19.95)

    Hail Conan! If troglodytes could have gotten their paws on a Fuzzthrone or other fuzz pedals…they would have probably bashed each other's skulls in. C... more

  • boogarins Lá Vem a Morte (180g coloured vinyl LP, £28.75)

    Deluxe pressing of an acclaimed release from Brazilian psych masters Boogarins. This dark and hypnotic set carried the group to appearances at Coac... more

  • one eleven heavy Everything's Better (LP, £17.50)

    Formed by Wooden Wand’s James Toth and DSDV’s Nick Mitchell Maiato in late 2016, One Eleven Heavy celebrates the joyous, jam-propelled boogie of class... more

  • richard thompson 13 Rivers (LP, £14.95)

    The 13-song set is the Grammy nominated artist’s first self-produced album in over a decade and was recorded 100% analogue in just ten days. It was ... more

  • evan jewett Don't Feel to Work (LP, £12.25)

    label: Aagoo

    Evan Jewett is a songwriter and furniture maker living in New York City. His first album under his own name, ‘Don’t Feel to Work‘ was recorded piecem... more

  • kingston all-stars Rise Up (coloured vinyl LP, £20.75)

    The music contained in this album invokes the vibes and spirit that were so crucial to much of the music recorded during the 1960’s & 70’s in Jamaica.... more

  • stelladrine You'll Never See Your World Again (CD, £12.50)

    Journey to a world where monsters, martians and death rays lurk in every corner. Hear the wailing theremins, the bleeps of space-age technology and th... more

  • sex tourists Sex Tourists (LP, £14.25)

    label: Drunken Sailor

    A Sydney-borne future classic in the making. Downer synth-pop stylings that have New Order as a clear point of reference, but infuse the stuttering ... more


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  • river whyless Kindness, a Rebel (LP, £16.50)

  • swans Die Tür Ist Zu (double LP, £22.75)

  • port sulphur Paranoic Critical (LP, £17.50)

  • stella sommer 13 Kinds of Happiness (LP, £20.75)

  • cramps Live At Clutch Cargo's, Detroit 1982 (red vinyl double LP, £32.50)

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