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  • stirling / dallen / garna / as.if kid Slimzos Allstars Volume 1 (12", £8.75)

    TRACKLIST: 1. Stirling- alleyway, 2. Dallen- Demons, 3. Garna- Killer, 4. As.If Kid- Bombay Mix

  • california playboys Trying to Become a Millionaire (LP, £23.95)

    In the early 1970s, the collective known as The California Playboys was the backing band for R&B singer Lester Young (not to be confused with the jazz... more

  • digital release Positive Approach (LP, £21.50)

    The collective minds of Digital Release make deep-psychic-technology sounds. Its music that moves and travels in spheres and projections with an und... more

  • we are ten! the birthday presents  (CD, £12.25)

    After releasing an amazing selection of jazz, reggae, hip hop and electronica since 2007, Heavenly Sweetness is turning 10 years old! They are celebra... more

  • ne obliviscaris Urn (MC, £10.95)

    Third full-length by one of the most popular and fastest rising bands from the Australian metal scene  Previous album ‘Citadel’ (2014) was a m... more

  • matt berry Night Terrors (CD, £10.50)

    label: Acid Jazz

    Following 2016’s ‘The Small Hours’ album, Matt Berry presents ‘Night Terrors’, a collection of various remixes, outtakes and alternate versions of ... more

  • roberto mazza Scoprire le Orme (LP, £25.95)

    Mysterious, charming and wavering, 'Scoprire Le Orme' presents a unique kind of minimal folk with far Eastern baroque influences. The work is a living... more

  • fabriclive 95: mefjus  (CD, £10.25)

    label: Fabric

    Mefjus’s career kicked off in 2012 after Phace & Misanthrop signed his Distantia / Far Too Close track to their label. Other labels took notice and ... more

  • die enttäuschung Lavaman (CD, £14.25)

    Die Enttäuschung has worked its way through whatever combination of bass clarinet, trumpet, double bass and drum you can think of. With Alexander von ... more

  • despite exile Relics (CD, £14.25)

    label: lifeforce

    This Italian 5 piece changes the angle of view and reinterprets technical Death Metal! Don't say, we haven't warned you!  "Relics" captivate... more


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  • pixx Fall In (4-track 12", £7.25)

  • tasseomancy Do Easy (CD, £8.25)

  • pond Man It Feels Like Space Again (CD, £12.50)

  • deerhoof Fever 121614 (LP, £8.95)

  • ryley walker Golden Sings That Have Been Sung (LP, £18.95)

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