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  • real mckenzies Clash of the Tartans (LP, £15.95)

    label: Sudden Death

    20th Anniversary re-release. Newly remastered, this is the album that launched one of the most entertaining and hard working bands on the planet. Led... more

  • james brown The Explosive James Brown: the Early King Recordings (LP, £19.50)

    This complete collection of James Brown's early King Records singles showcases the singer at the top of his electrifying form. Raw, driving, full of... more

  • half waif Probable Depths (blue vinyl LP, £15.75)

    label: Cascine

    Nandi Rose Plunkett writes, records and performs under the name Half Waif. Her music is a richly layered collage of blinking electronic soundscapes, e... more

  • justine and the unclean Get Unclean (CD, £8.95)

    “You want bubblegum? You want classy pop-punk? Justine and the Unclean are here to bring salvation with their debut single. ‘Love Got Me Into This Mes... more

  • mavis staples If All I Was Was Black (180g vinyl LP, £15.95)

    label: epitaph

    “Mavis has done it all and worked with just about everybody from Bob Dylan to Prince to Jeff Tweedy… She still is singing for justice and equality and... more

  • low lumens The Distant Everyday (LP, £19.95)

    label: Burnt Toast

    TRACK LISTING — 1. Santa Clara - 2. Hoge Bothofstraat - 3. Paasvuur Rain - 4. Allegheny Meditation - 5. Spokane Falls Float - 6. Summer Hum - ... more

  • morrissey Low In High School (MC, £5.50)

    Morrissey’s first studio album since 2014 was recorded at La Fabrique Studios in France and in Rome at Ennio Morricone’s Forum Studios. The record is ... more

  • france Occitanie (LP, £19.75)

    France is the trio of Jeremie Sauvage on electric bass, Mathieu Tilly on drums and Yann Gourdon on amplified hurdy-gurdy. They play one note / one rhy... more

  • life of agony Ugly (180g vinyl LP, £19.75)

    label: Music On Vinyl

    Ugly is the second album released by the New York alternative metal band Life of Agony. Produced by Steve Thompson, the album signalled a considerable... more

  • sven väth in the mix: the sound of the 18th season  (double CD, £10.95)

    Sven Väth tunes into ‘The Sound Of The 18th Season’ on a gentle note. Just a touch of a vocal and a fluttering riff display a sense of adventure. Wil... more


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  • pixx Fall In (4-track 12", £7.25)

  • timber timbre Sincerely, Future Pollution (LP, £17.50)

  • courtney marie andrews Honest Life (CD, £7.25)

  • band of horses Why Are You OK (LP, £19.95)

  • xylouris white Black Peak (LP, £17.50)

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