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  • spare snare Sounds (180g pink vinyl LP, £17.50)

    Spare Snare, from Dundee, Scotland, celebrate 25 years of releasing records by asking Albini if he would be up for co-hosting a Scottish Engineers' Wo... more

  • amorphis Tales from the Thousand Lakes (150g blue vinyl LP, £17.50)

    label: relapse

    A critically-acclaimed metal masterpiece, perfectly combines elements of heavy metal, doom, death metal and progressive rock. This reissue contains th... more

  • verner Crash of the Web Era (140g vinyl 12", £11.25)

    After three major releases by Tell, Nachtbraker and S3A, its time for debuting Italian artist Verner to close our beloved Trophy Quartet. This Milanes... more

  • power Turned On (LP, £19.95)

    label: in the red

    Being that Power is a band with just three members has meant that everybody carves their own name into the stone, a trio de force who share the Atla... more

  • sick n' beautiful The Element of Sex (CD, £14.25)

    SICK N‘ BEAUTIFUL, the biggest Rock band on this side of Alpha Centauri, invite into their alien adventure circus with rocking Groove Metal that let ... more

  • beefheart jr. Temporarily Immortal (CD, £18.75)

    label: cleopatra

    The long-awaited solo project from famed drummer for the legendary cult band Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band, Robert Williams. Features guest app... more

  • death Individual Thought Patterns (silver vinyl double LP, £26.95)

    label: relapse

    Deluxe limited edition one time pressing of DEATH’s classic fifth album, featuring expanded packaging and a bonus LP of a live concert from Germany in... more

  • bud powell The Lonely One (180g vinyl LP, £17.95)

  • black nylon corporation Love from Outer Space / Business Woman (7", £6.75)

    Vinilos Enlace Funk, in a co-production with Bewitching, rescue two previously unreleased recordings by Black Nylon Corporation, the now-defunct solo ... more

  • kadebostany Monumental (LP, £22.95)

    Kadebostany is the project of producer/composer/president Guillaume de Kadebostany (also known as Kadebostan or President Kadebostan) behind the hit s... more


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  • d.a. stern Aloha Hola (CD, £11.50)

  • dylan carlson Conquistador (LP, £18.95)

  • ty segall & white fence Joy (MC, £9.25)

  • nocturnal projections Complete Studio Recordings (LP, £17.50)

  • cosmic psychos Loudmouth Soup (red vinyl LP, £22.25)

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