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  • saturnine Mors Vocat (CD, £13.75)

    The debut album by an all-female blackened doom/sludge band from Italy. Fans of among others Witchcraft and Electric Wizard might be interested... and... more

  • angèle david-guillou Mouvements Organiques (CD, £10.50)

    Angèle David-Guillou has reworked for organ a selection of tracks from her mesmerising second album, ‘En Mouvement’.  Titled ‘Mouvements Or... more

  • belle and sebastian How to Solve Our Human Problems (Parts 1-3) (3 12" boxed set, £32.95)

    label: matador

    Harking back to their 1997 release of three consecutive EPs (‘Dog On Wheels’, ‘Lazy Line Painter Jane’ and ‘3... 6... 9 Seconds Of Light’), Belle a... more

  • moses nesh No Labor-Saving Machine (LP, £19.95)

  • soft moon Criminal (MC, £10.50)

    label: Sacred Bones

    The Soft Moon's fourth studio album is a confessional work. Through the stark lens of shame and guilt that has followed Luis Vasquez since a violent c... more

  • fabric 97: tale of us  (CD, £11.50)

    label: Fabric

    Following the release of their ambient / classical ‘Endless’ album, respected Italian duo Tale Of Us, Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri, take on ‘fa... more

  • samavayo Dakota (LP, £17.75)

    'Dakota' features a mixture of progressive instrumental parts with hard mosh parts. A combination of the rock sounds of the '70s and '90s with unusual... more

  • david murray Blues for Memo (CD, £12.50)

    David Murray has careened forward in a cool, collected, rocket-fuelled streak. He has released over 150 albums under his own name and is a worthy s... more

  • graham bond organization There's a Bond Between Us (180g vinyl LP, £25.95)

    The second studio album from the Organization has Graham adding Mellotron to his keyboards, making some of the performances sound very eerie. ‘Who’s ... more

  • divine comedy Loose Canon: Live In Europe 2016-2017 (CD, £12.25)

    Following the success of their ‘Foreverland’ album and tour, The Divine Comedy release a 17 track live album.  Recorded at various dates ov... more


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  • skids Burning Cities (CD, £9.95)

  • cucina povera Hilja (LP, £15.95)

  • nomads Showdown (1981-1993) (3 LP set, £63.50)

  • ty segall Freedom's Goblin (double LP, £22.50)

  • secret shine Singles 1992-1994 (CD, £11.95)

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