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  • konstrukt Bloppin' (7", £12.95)

    To be considered a twin release of the previous 'For Ornette' 7". The single consists of two more short tracks - taken from the same 'Hayyam' session ... more

  • cliff martinez & various artists Drive: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (MC, £13.50)

    label: Invada

    Invada’s most renowned score is released on cassette.  Previously unavailable in the UK on this format, Cliff Martinez’s iconic score to ‘Dr... more

  • black book lodge Steeple and Spire (LP, £21.50)

    "Steeple And Spire" is the third album from Black Book Lodge.  "If Mastodon and Muse had a baby in Denmark and never taught it how to run, th... more

  • cosmic psychos Loudmouth Soup (LP, £19.95)

    The Psychos are back, mate! Australia’s most legit export since Crocodile Dundee release their eleventh studio album, out on SUBWAY Records! WATCH O... more

  • jonathan richman Ishkode! Ishkode! (LP, £24.95)

    The 2016 full-length, available on vinyl

  • woo york Chasing the Dream (double LP, £22.25)

    Ukrainian duo Woo York have garnered worldwide acclaim for their ability to produce a powerful, driving, dark-yet-sophisticated sound, with their ‘Cha... more

  • transglobal underground feat. natacha atlas Destination Overground: the Story of Transglobal Underground (CD, £11.50)

    20 YEARS OF ECLECTIC, UNIQUE AND INNOVATIVE MUSIC! It’s the early 1990s. Every music genre is parcelled up, labelled up, and kept in its own yard as... more

  • suburban lawns Suburban Lawns (CD, £11.50)

    If one band encapsulated the eccentricity present in the post 70’s Southern Californian New Wave, then surely that band was the SUBURBAN LAWNS. To som... more

  • aria rostami & daniel blomquist Distant Companion (LP, £17.95)

    label: Dark Entries

    Aria Rostami and Daniel Blomquist are from San Francisco, CA, though Rostami moved to Brooklyn, NY. Rostami and Blomquist's work occurs in two stages:... more

  • christina kubisch & annea lockwood The Secret Life of the Inaudible (double CD, £21.95)

    Collaborative release of these two sound artists featuring field recordings, VLF chorus waves, solar oscillations, earthquakes, gas vents, electromagn... more


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  • dylan carlson Conquistador (digipak CD, £11.50)

  • robert earl thomas Another Age (CD, £11.75)

  • emma tricca St Peter (LP, £14.25)

  • 6 string drag High Hat (LP, £24.75)

  • cosmic psychos Loudmouth Soup (CD, £12.75)

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