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  • frank robson Robson (LP, £22.50)

    Limited to 300 copies. Reissue of progressive singer/songwriter Frank Robson's (Blues Section, Mosaic) highly sought after first solo album 'Robson', ... more

  • harold alexander Sunshine Man (LP, £26.95)

    Harold Alexander was a competent saxophonist and dynamic flautist whose early and mid-’70s albums for Flying Dutchman and Atlantic blended originals, ... more

  • sperm 50th Erection I - Collected Works 1967-1970 (4 LP boxed set, £77.50)

    Finnish ultra-radical and scandalous performance group/proto-noise band. 1967 saw the birth of the notorious Helsinki ensemble The Sperm, led by Matt... more

  • high reeper High Reeper (orange vinyl LP, £22.95)

    label: Heavy Psych Sounds

    High Reeper's self-titled debut is an unapologetic punch to the face for fans of early '70s proto-metal. The sound and smell of leather, weed, boozing... more

  • malady Toinen Toista (CD, £11.50)

    Malady’s eponymous album was a deserved underground hit, a beautifully realised piece of original Finnish progressive rock which had its roots very ... more

  • disconnected White Colossus (digipak CD, £10.95)

    "White Colossus" is the debut album of the French band Disconnected.  A mix of Modern Metal with a nice shot of Rock 'N’ Roll spirit which ma... more

  • cambrian explosion The Moon (orange vinyl LP, £17.95)

    They call themselves the cosmic sorcerers from Portland. Nori Lockhart, Ben Dorothy, Derrin Twiford and Archie Heald together form Cambrian Explosion ... more

  • shakarchi & stranéus Steal Chickens from Men and the Future from God (CD, £8.75)

    Shakarchi & Stranéus inhabit a secret place in the universe of music, one existing at the intersection of Scandinavian poplands, Hisingen forest rave... more

  • sect mark Worship (8-track 12", £14.75)

    label: Iron Lung Records

    "A new breed of maniacal Italian hardcore. Short, drippy, seething and nasty as hell. The fuzz fucked intro of last song, side A ("Scouts" -ed.) had m... more

  • death alley Superbia (CD, £10.95)

    DEATH ALLEY is a rare mix of punk attitude and diligent, musical precision. As crossover as it gets while still keeping focus – the four-piece holds K... more


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  • cucina povera Hilja (LP, £15.95)

  • anna mcclellan Yes and No (LP, £18.95)

  • jonathan wilson Rare Birds (gold vinyl double LP, £27.95)

  • when the day is done: the orchestrations of robert kirby  (CD, £14.50)

  • lucy dacus Historian (LP, £15.75)

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