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  • sendelica My House Is Made of Angel Hair (red vinyl LP, £26.50)

    Limited to 200 copies. The 2018 studio album by UK psychedelic band Sendelica features guest appearances by Nik Turner (Hawkwind), Gregory Curvey (The... more

  • otomo yoshihide / xavier charles The Difference Between the Two Clocks (CD, £8.25)

    This is a new project featuring the French multi-instrumentalist Xavier Charles and the most well known experimental Japanese musician Otomo Yoshihide... more

  • biosphere The Hilvarenbeek Recordings (LP, £12.75)

    'The Hilvarenbeek Recordings' are based on field recordings from the Dutch farm Biologische boerderij 't Schop in Hilvarenbeek. The work was commissio... more

  • don ellis Autumn / Shock Treatment (double CD, £11.50)

    label: Beat Goes On

    From 1968 and 1969, two albums by acclaimed trumpet player, arranger and bandleader Don Ellis. The Big Band sound of Ellis was part of a jazz rock s... more

  • high reeper High Reeper (LP, £17.50)

    label: Heavy Psych Sounds

    High Reeper's self-titled debut is an unapologetic punch to the face for fans of early '70s proto-metal. The sound and smell of leather, weed, boozing... more

  • christopher willis The Death of Stalin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (CD, £10.95)

    Track listing: 1. Moscow, 1953 / 2. Beria's Plan / 3. First on the Scene / 4. We Cry for You / 5. Special Delivery / 6. Removal Men / 7. Pall-Bearers ... more

  • starchild and the new romantic Language (LP, £18.75)

    “Black boys have a whole world of complexity that society makes us stomp out of ourselves." Language, Bryndon Cook's full-length debut as Starchild An... more

  • ash gray Chicken Wire (CD, £13.50)

    Texan songwriter Ash Gray returns with his second solo album. Having relocated over the past decade from Austin to Sheffield via New York City, Ash i... more

  • electric indigo 5 1 1 5 9 3 (grey vinyl double LP, £18.25)

    5 1 1 5 9 3 is the first full-length album release of Vienna based artist Electric Indigo, who started DJing in the late 1980s, worked at the legendar... more

  • georg deuter Soundtrack (LP, £22.75)

    Reissue of a private press library recording from the early '70s. 'Soundtrack' was originally produced by Kuckuck in 1973 not for an official and publ... more


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  • nick oliveri N.O. Hits At All Vol. 4 (CD, £11.50)

  • television personalities Beautiful Despair (LP, £15.95)

  • black rebel motorcycle club Wrong Creatures (CD, £10.95)

  • gun outfit Out of Range (140g vinyl LP, £18.95)

  • revolutionary spirit: the sound of liverpool 1976-1988  (5 CD boxed set, £35.95)

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