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  • ken colyer with the crane river jazz band The Cranes Fly Again (CD, £10.95)

    The Crane River Jazz Band is one of the most revered jazz bands of the 20th Century. This is the third exquisite album of them on Upbeat Jazz. In 19... more

  • kleeer Intimate Connection / Tonight (7", £8.50)

    'Intimate Connetion’ by Kleeer on US 7” single is one record that's been in-demand in recent times and has seen it's value soar in price. The rare 7” ... more

  • apex Echoes / The Yearning (Super VIP Mix) (12", £14.50)

    label: hospital

    Hospital present the last known piece of new music from Rob Dickeson, aka Apex. Released in his memory, in association with Help Musicians UK, all p... more

  • dwarves Free Cocaine (double LP, £23.95)

    A pus-charged and violently dripping collection of scum from punk rock's reigning over-the-hill bad boys. This set includes the tracks from the 'Tooli... more

  • die nerven Fake (yellow vinyl LP, £18.95)

    label: glitterhouse

    German Post-Punk/Noise-Rock 3-piece DIE NERVEN release its highly anticipated album. FAKE was written in rehearsal rooms, studios and theatres in Stu... more

  • josh t. pearson The Straight Hits! (CD, £10.50)

    label: mute

    Josh T. Pearson presents an album which began as a mere creative exercise - each song had to follow certain parameters, described as The Five Pilla... more

  • kever Eon of Cycling Death (LP, £17.95)

    On the quest for new sunless horizons where obscurantism, centuplicated aggression and exacerbated brutality is all about when it comes to death metal... more

  • flaming lips Scratching the Door: the First Recordings of the Flaming Lips (CD, £5.75)

    The Flaming Lips have pushed the envelope and bent boundaries for more than two decades with the band’s Grammy®-winning music and ground-breaking conc... more

  • tormentor Recipe Ferrum! (double LP, £19.50)

    label: peaceville

    Hungarian black metal pioneers Tormentor formed in 1986, with their influential but long-delayed debut album ‘Anno Domini’ gaining notoriety particu... more

  • territoire Alix (LP, £13.50)

    "Every day they order Alix to wake up, and he wakes up. Again the impenetrable blackness, again the night. Wake up." This record of TERRITOIRE pre... more


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  • les rallizes denudes Tachikawa 12-03-77 (double LP, £14.75)

  • go-kart mozart Mozart's Mini-Mart (LP, £21.50)

  • fall New Facts Emerge (10" double LP, £18.75)

  • nomads Showdown (1981-1993) (3 LP set, £63.50)

  • jonathan wilson Rare Birds (double LP, £27.95)

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