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  • baby huey The Baby Huey Story: the Living Legend (LP, £26.95)

    James Ramey, better known by his self-depreciating stage name Baby Huey, was a potently flamboyant presence in Chicago's soul scene during the 1960s. ... more

  • miracle legion Annulment (double CD, £13.95)

    First ever LIVE album by Miracle Legion, ‘Annulment’ was recorded during the band’s 2016 US reunion tour. Most of the album comes from a show at Codf... more

  • cruciamentum Charnel Passages (LP, £15.95)

    With their reputation defined as one of the most important and prominent death metal bands of our era, CRUCIAMENTUM with their debut full-length album... more

  • clash Combat Rock (180g vinyl LP, £29.95)

    A remastered US reissue of the band's fifth studio album (originally from 1982), pressed on audiophile vinyl

  • king salami & the cumberland three Fourteen Blazin' Bangers!! (LP, £16.25)

    label: Soundflat

    R'N'B Garage from London/UK with the first album. The CD is released on Dirty Water Records. The King howls like Screaming Jay Hawkins with Bo Diddle... more

  • skids Burning Cities (red vinyl LP, £16.50)

    Four decades after they formed – in the white-hot summer of 1977 – The Skids are back. The post-punk pioneers release their fifth album. ‘Burning Cit... more

  • tanda tula choir Tanda Tula Choir (CD, £8.95)

    A very special Hippie Dance side project, curated by Superpitcher. Original recordings of Shangaan songs performed by South Africa’s Tanda Tula Safar... more

  • el camino Cursed Congregation (LP, £19.50)

    The third full-length by the genre defying sinister Swedes of El Camino. 'Cursed Congregation' is a ritual summoning of unseen and hungering terror.

  • spice boys Glade (LP, £15.95)

    Punk Slime Recordings are proud to present Glade, the debut album from Umeĺ, Sweden garage rock act Spice Boys. Formed in late 2015 the band, made up ... more

  • mary black Mary Black Sings Jimmy MacCarthy (CD, £12.25)

    The album contains eleven songs written by Jimmy, 6 previously recorded by Mary, 4 brand new recordings by Mary and a TV recording of a Mary and Jimmy... more


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  • bill ryder-jones West Kirby County Primary (LP, £17.50)

  • car seat headrest Teens of Denial (double LP, £19.75)

  • blanck mass World Eater (marbled vinyl LP, £17.95)

  • timber timbre Sincerely, Future Pollution (LP, £17.50)

  • pwr bttm Pageant (CD, £6.50)

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