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  • odetta hartman Old Rockhounds Never Die (CD, £9.95)

    label: memphis industries

    Odetta Hartman’s second album is a bonanza of beautiful contradictions: intimate yet fiercely internationalist, spiritual and yet tangible, sweet an... more

  • true vision Against the Grain (7", £7.95)

    Riding high on the New Wave Of British Hardcore, TRUE VISION deliver their debut EP, featuring five tracks of straight edge hardcore with an incredib... more

  • suede razors All the Hits...and Misses (digipak CD, £12.75)

    Suede Razors was meant to be a side-project without any lofty goals other than 4 friends having some fun making music that slightly deviated from the... more

  • vile spirit Demo (MC, £6.25)

    Brighton in the UK, spiritual home of the Mods in the 60s, has exploded with hardcore punk energy and talent in the past two years, as a new generati... more

  • avantasia The Metal Opera Part 2 (orange vinyl double LP, £29.95)

    FINALLY AVAILABLE AS PLATINUM EDITION: AVANTASIA's Metal bestseller from 2001! The project's title is a combination of the words "avalon" and "fantasi... more

  • violent reaction Dead End (7", £7.95)

    Violent Reaction are one of the most important UK HC bands flying the flag of the New Wave of British Hardcore alongside The Flex, blending 80s New Y... more

  • phil gerus Sudden Move (4-track 12", £11.50)

    Phil Gerus is a natural musical talent who oozes sound from every pore. Fusing together cassette pop, disco, soul, r&b and funk, his sounds are effort... more

  • bad manifest Bad Manifest (7", £7.95)

    "Slashing and snarling out of North Yorkshire town Harrogate, comes Bad Manifest. Three young skate punks raised on DIE KREUZEN, VOID and BONES BRIGA... more

  • andré bratten Lim / Recreation 26B (12", £9.25)

    label: smalltown supersound

    Edition of 300, no re-press

  • baris manço Degmesin Yagli Boya (LP, £41.50)

    Originally released in 1983, another great album by the Turkish legend


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  • cramps Live At Clutch Cargo's, Detroit 1982 (double LP, £24.75)

  • wussy What Heaven Is Like (CD, £11.50)

  • beach house 7 (MC, £7.50)

  • circles Full Circle: Live In Cambridge (CD, £9.95)

  • all-night petrol  (CD, £7.95)

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