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  • transcendence orchestra Modern Methods for Ancient Rituals (LP, £24.50)

    Deploying a range of ancient and modern instruments and effects including Buchla Music Easel, harmonium, shruti box, bass guitar, hurdy-gurdy, Electro... more

  • adicts Sound of Music (180g vinyl LP, £15.95)

    Reissue with original artwork of the second LP by the Clockwork Orange-inspired melodic UK punk band from the '80s. Includes their hit 'Chinese Takeaw... more

  • from oceans to autumn A Perfect Dawn (CD, £8.95)

    FROM OCEANS TO AUTUMN was founded by Brandon Helms (guitars, samples) in the summer of 2006, shortly after laying to rest his previous band, Autumn Is... more

  • dijf sanders Java (LP, £22.25)

    Dijf Sanders pens and produces soundtracks for distant, far-flung places that brood with exotica, psychedelia, jazz and electronica. ‘JAVA’ is a psyc... more

  • brown brogues Triflin' (white vinyl LP, £9.95)

    Double trouble garage rock twosome Brown Brogues are back with their album Triflin' alongside a truck load of tour dates and live in-store sessions. I... more

  • agathocles If This Is Gore, What's Meat Then? (LP, £20.75)

    Spanning the past thirty years and counting, the Agathocles discography is one of the most extensive in all of grindcore and, more broadly, the entir... more

  • zaz Paris Encore (double CD, £9.50)

  • goldfrapp The Singles (CD, £4.25)

    label: mute

    Track Listing 1Ooh La La 2Number 1 3Strict Machine 4Lovely Head 5Utopia (Genetically Enriched) 6A&E 7Happiness 8Train 9Ride a White Horse 10... more

  • hamilton bohannon Stop & Go (LP, £20.75)

    Even if Hamilton Bohannon had never started his own solo musical project, he would have a long and rich background to his name. Before the 60s had end... more

  • mixed up minds vol. 13  (CD, £9.50)

    Obscure Rock & Pop From The British Isles 1969-1973. Another tantalising dose of forgotten dreams from the suburban drifts of Britain. In the aftermat... more


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  • alex cameron Jumping the Shark (LP, £15.75)

  • vaudou game Kidayu (LP, £33.50)

  • real estate In Mind (LP, £16.50)

  • gabriella cohen Full Closure and No Details (LP, £14.50)

  • pwr bttm Pageant (LP, £15.75)

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