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  • brainticket Zürich / Lausanne (double CD, £17.95)

    label: cleopatra

    2 FULL-LENGTH unreleased live recordings from 1983 and 1984 featuring the founder of pioneering electronic behemoth, Brainticket, Joel Vandroogenbroe... more

  • ig witzelsucht Sometimes Puns Are a Sign of a Damaged Brain (red vinyl LP, £17.50)

    label: megaphone

    A crystalline jewel of pop-rock deluxe pleasure, featuring Dominic Robertson (Ego Phizmiz) and Lukas Simonis (Stepmother)

  • pretty lightning The Rhythm of Ooze (180g coloured vinyl LP, £17.50)

    label: Fuzz Club Records

    Christian Berghoff and Sebastian Haas are two lifelong friends from Saarbrucken, Germany who back in 2007 formed the band Pretty Lightning. The duo ti... more

  • specials The Singles (digipak CD, £7.95)

    The Singles is a compilation album, originally released in January 1991, bringing together key tracks from across the careers of both The Specials and... more

  • thompson twins Here's to Future Days (180g vinyl double LP, £22.95)

    Remastered and pressed onto two vinyl discs ‘Here’s To Future Days’ is the fifth album by the Thompson Twins and after the runaway success of Into T... more

  • nicklas sørensen Solo 2 (CD, £12.75)

    Nicklas Sørensen's second solo effort away from his main stint as guitar player in Papir is a more placid, blissful listen than his first solo venture... more

  • neutral zone Hogofogo (LP, £17.75)

    Award-winning Swiss producer (of Klaus Johann Grobe a.o.) and electro-innovator David Langhard a.k.a. Neutral Zone play organically crafted krautrock ... more

  • the b-music of jean rollin 1968-1975  (LP, £16.95)

    Rising out of the smoky Parisian Mai 68 shrapnel and claiming his stake as the first French vampire movie director, the inimitable father of Europea... more

  • alex's hand KaTaTaK (CD, £15.95)

    'KaTaTaK' is the fourth proper studio album by Alex's Hand. All music contained within was primarily written by Nic Barnes, Kellen Mills and Ben Reece... more

  • mangoo The Heat (CD, £17.50)

    label: Small Stone

    Mangoo's third full-length features a wall of thick, fuzz-fuelled guitars and hard-hitting drums with an added sprinkling of analog synth sounds, comb... more


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  • ty segall Ty Segall (MC, £9.25)

  • sinkane Life & Livin' It (CD, £7.25)

  • vaudou game Kidayu (LP, £33.50)

  • lowly Heba (LP, £17.50)

  • girl band In Plastic (7", £5.50)

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