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  • edu lobo & maria bethânia Edu e Maria Bethânia (180g vinyl LP, £18.50)

    A famous Brazilian bossa album, originally dating back to 1967

  • you said strange Salvation Prayer (CD, £9.95)

    label: Fuzz Club Records

    You Said Strange come from the north-western region of Normandy in France, although if it was up to them they’d come from the States, somewhere betwee... more

  • schnitzelbilly #4: rockabilly made in austria  (marbled vinyl 7", £8.25)

    This EP contains another four fantastic rockin' and rollin' Austrian bands. Austria isn't shaped like a bizarre guitar by accident, it's because they ... more

  • big cheese Live On NWOBHC FM / Sports Day Demo (MC, £6.25)

    Big Cheese have developed an unforgettable live game, having supported the likes of Harley Flanagan, Trapped Under Ice and Higher Power. Their unique... more

  • night force Night Force (7", £7.95)

    Debut 7" from this German/Belgian/Danish powerhouse hardcore punk unit from Mannheim, Germany. The 7" sounds as mystical as their initial demo with t... more

  • exotic blues & rhythm vol. 2: ahbe casabe  (clear vinyl 10" LP, £18.75)

    Subtitled “Blues & Rhythm, Popcorn, Exotica & Tittyshakers” this is the reissue of the second release in the Exotic Blues & Rhythm series. Released a... more

  • thought criminals Speed Madness and Flying Saucers (LP, £21.95)

    First wave Sydney punk rock band formed in 1977. After a couple of 7" EP's, they set about recording an album. This was their debut album and has been... more

  • editors The Back Room (CD, £5.25)

    The debut, fast approaching double platinum, Mercury-nominated album from Editors which reached No 2 in the UK album chart in 2005 and amassed over 1... more

  • chromatics Shadow (coloured vinyl mini-LP, £13.25)

    label: Italians Do It Better

    TRACKLISTING: 1. Shadow (Radio) (3:45) 2. Shadow (Michel's Runway Edit) (7:37) 3. White Light (3:08) 4. Shadow (Last Dance Of The Night Club Edit)... more

  • peter andersson Timewaves (CD, £14.50)

    Peter Andersson is best known for the dark ambient project Raison d'être and a bunch of other projects like Stratvm Terror, Atomine Elektrine and Bock... more


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  • mazzy star Still (180g vinyl 4-track 12", £9.95)

  • ty segall & white fence Joy (CD, £10.50)

  • wussy What Heaven Is Like (CD, £11.50)

  • necks Body (CD, £12.25)

  • ty segall & white fence Joy (LP, £19.75)

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