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  • gee tee Death Race (7", £11.95)

    Now here's an appealing 7-inch release of goofy, lighthearted, synth-infused, surfy garage rock, lined with an ear-pleasing arrangement of mechanical ... more

  • lonnie smith Turning Point (LP, £16.95)

    An exact repro vinyl reissue of this top-notch 1969 soul-jazz album by Lonnie Smith. The LP includes self-penned songs, plus compositions by a.o. Don ... more

  • sun flowerz 1  (LP, £9.50)

    'The Shape Of Groove To Come!!!'. This is such an unusual record that it defies description in terms of modern compilations. Here you won't find the c... more

  • paranoid Heavy Mental Fuck-Up! (LP, £17.50)

    偏執症者 (Paranoid) return with their second album.  It follows releases of their complete discography and prequel EP... more

  • david h. kimball Atmosfere N.1/2 (double LP, £21.50)

    Two amazing and mind-blowing gems (originally released individually in 1971 in ultra-limited editions) by American David H. Kimball (also going by the... more

  • electric mountain Electric Mountain (purple vinyl LP, £22.50)

    Electric Mountain is a stoner rock band born in Mexico City in 2013. Formed by Gib (guitar, voice), Max (drums) and JB (bass), the band is influenced ... more

  • oxygen thief Confusion Species (LP, £15.75)

    label: Xtra Mile

    Confusion Species is the new album from Oxygen Thief, the first album from the Bristol trio in 4 years. A blast of heavy riffs, syncopated time sign... more

  • louis' band Taste Me (LP, £14.95)

    “Taste me” is a 1981 obscure instrumental library music album and a weird example of Italo Funk Disco played by professional musicians (most of them u... more

  • like Gabriel (135g vinyl LP, £25.50)

    "Special thanks to my family, friends, and all those who’ve inspired me to keep making music. These compositions are a reflection of my musical journe... more

  • mmph Serenade (MC, £7.50)

    Above 24-year-old Sae Heum Han’s desk hangs a blue and white crochet crucifix given to him by his grandmother. This object doubles as the artwork fo... more


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  • dean wareham / cheval sombre Dean Wareham Vs. Cheval Sombre (CD, £11.50)

  • weeping bong band Weeping Bong Band (LP, £19.95)

  • basement revolver Heavy Eyes (pink vinyl LP, £17.25)

  • slaughter Bite Back (digipak double CD + DVD, £20.75)

  • justine Justine (digipak CD, £8.75)

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